Episode 3: Idea Validation

Gavyn and Dharshini are back in this new episode to talk about validating business ideas. It is a follow up to the previous episode of finding business ideas. Gavyn gives insights about the ways to validate ideas. Both hosts share stories of how they validated their business ideas.

Episode 2: An Idea (Ene LidÉ)

In this episode, Gavyn and Dharshini dive into the subject of finding business ideas. Dharshini shares about how she came up with the idea for her business. Gavyn also shares insights into the process of finding ideas. This episode will also help you think about your purpose of going into business. Gavyn talks about the […]

Episode 1: Starts with, Why?

In this episode, Gavyn explores the humble beginnings of Startup Moris and its ambitions. Introducing the show’s co-host, Dharshini Beejan, a young entrepreneur who talks about helping new entrepreneurs start-up and learning from the mistakes of others. The aim of the podcast is to help the listener, whether or not, he or she is an […]